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Welcome To Our Blog!

Hello and welcome to the new blog! At Families Feeding Families, we are testing the waters by bringing you some human interest stories, related to agriculture and farming in the Midwest.

The main goal we have here at Families Feeding Families is to inform the public about agricultural practices and engage in a much larger conversation to help create a change in how the consumer views agriculture.

Farmers must continuously face hardships, but not only in their rigorous daily life. There is a backlash against modernized farming practices, seen time and time again in the agricultural industry. This is due to misinformation given to the consumer about where their food comes from. While it is wonderful to see consumer engagement in agriculture, most of the things being said aren't an accurate representation of agriculture today.

So, how can Families Feeding Families make a change?

With this blog, we hope to curate discussion about how farming has modernized, much like the rest of the world, as well as breaking down misinformation that showcases agriculture in a negative light.

We hope that you are all ready to read through these articles with a fresh set of eyes and contribute to the ever-growing conversation about agriculture in the Midwest!

-Families Feeding Families

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