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This quote is taken from a December 2018 article in "National Hog Farmer." It includes research results completed over the past 16 years that have documented that the MRSA strains found in livestock pose little threat to humans.

From this article: "In summary, the overall impact of LA-MRSA relative to human variants remains very small in most countries including the United States. There is no evidence that residence in rural areas increases overall MRSA risk. A recent Iowa study reported prevalences of S. aureus(47%) and MRSA (5.8%) carriage in one urban county versus 35% and 1.6%, respectively, in a rural county, and did not report LA-MRSA in either group. Exposure to LA-MRSA in pig-dense communities is very common in livestock workers on affected farms (and is elevated in their family members), but is orders of magnitude lower in rural residents without animal contact. However, it is higher than in people living in regions without pig production. Research to date provides little evidence that environmental transmission attributable to residing in proximity to farms is a major route for neighborhood exposure."

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